is a cloud-based serverless video encoding/transcoding service. No servers to manage and no software to install.

Transcoding is critical when you want your content to reach more end users. With diverse proprietary file formats and codec supports, the need for media exchange between a plethora of systems is clear. Transcoding enables to you to re-encode a video stream into multiple formats like MPEG or HLS – to offer streaming to a range of appliances that only support certain formats. Production, post-production, distribution, and archiving are all distinct and operate on their own standards, requirements, and practices. Transcoding bridges the gaps among them, enables media exchange between disparate systems and makes the vast range of uses to which digital media are now possible.

No. The videos that you wish to transcode are downloaded, transcoded and then uploaded to a repository of your choice.

Yes, doesn't have any content restrictions.

No we don't have a file size limit nor a length limit.

The trial plan provides 500-minutes of encoding

No we don't.

No. is a strictly pay per use service where you are only charged based on the output minutes.

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